“Adapt For Life” JKD Seminar for charity featuring Paul Vunak, Friday June 27th @ 630pm

Scientific Method

We have researched and analyzed martial arts from all corners of the

world to develop the simplest and most comprehensive formula for your

success.  Our instructors spend many many grueling hours in a variety of

arts with World Class Masters.  Some of the chosen arts include Muay

Thai, Ju-Jitsu, Wing- Chun, Kali, Boxing, Karate. 

Our courses offer the entire gambit : weapons(knives, sticks, bats),

ranges of battle(punching, kicking, trapping, grappling), mass attack

(more than one attacker). We train the student in both the physical and

psychological aspects of a confrontation.

We have analayzed over 28 Systems and developed the most analytical

and strategic combat curriculum to insure your survival.

You can't go wrong, the Navy Seals agree.  We have the navy seals, and

the ease of use due to the research.

Assault Proof Now!



Bay Area, CA

Sifu Paul Vunak on the

cover of Black Belt, April 08.