“Adapt For Life” JKD Seminar for charity featuring Paul Vunak, Friday June 27th @ 630pm

Security & Law Enforcement

When the legal use of force is not applicable, D- RATT allows the user to

control the aggressor using the minimum amount of force necessary to

control a suspect.  This leads to a decrease in officer and suspect injuries,

workman's compensation claims and lawsuits.

Officers or Security professionals will be prepared to deal with passive to

violent encounters.  Areas covered are locks, controls, defenses, ground

grappling, weapons retention and self- preservation. 

Learn the different phases of an altrecation and which techniques to use

for which scenarious.

This system has been chosen by over 50 police departments !  Countless

Nightclubs, Bars, and Security Professionals rely on our training for

securing a safe and enjoyable environment.

"Paul Vunak has the best system for law enforcement I've seen in

12 yrs".—Sgt. C.H., Florida

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Bay Area, CA

Sifu Paul Vunak on the

cover of Black Belt, April 08.