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PFS Jeet Kune Do Academy - Keeping the Legacy Alive!

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“Some martial arts are very popular, real crowd pleasers, because

they look good, have smooth techniques. But beware. They are like

a wine that has been watered. A diluted wine is not a real wine, not a

good wine, hardly the genuine article. Some martial arts don't look

so good, but you know that they have a kick, a tang, a genuine taste.

They are like olives. The taste may be strong and bittersweet. The

flavor lasts. You cultivate a taste for them. No one ever developed

a taste for diluted wine.”

– Bruce Lee, in Tao of Jeet Kune Do

Assault Proof Now!



Bay Area, CA

We have researched and analyzed martial arts from all corners of the

world to develop the simplest and most comprehensive formula for your

success. Our instructors spend many many grueling hours in a variety of

arts with World Class Masters. Some of the chosen arts include Muay

Thai, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Wing- Chun, Kali, Boxing and Savate.

Our courses offer the entire gambit : weapons(knives, sticks, bats),

ranges of battle(punching, kicking, trapping, grappling), mass attack

(more than one attacker). We train the student in both the physical and

psychological aspects of a confrontation.

We have analyzed over 28 Systems and developed the most analytical

and strategic combat curriculum to insure your survival. You can't go wrong,

the FBI, CIA, DEA & US Navy SEALs depend on our methods for their

survival. We offer courses for both the beginning martial artist and

intermediate to advanced(3-5 years or greater).

Sifu Paul Vunak on the

cover of Black Belt, April 08.

Introduction to Jun Fan JKD and Filipino Martial Arts

Mon and Thurs 7pm to 8pm. Classes Starting Monday July 07/2008.

$150 per 4 week session. Contact us now, for more information at

info@scientificfighting.com or give us a call at 408-857-9205 to

reserve your space.

Introduction to Jun Fan JKD and Filipino Martial Arts - (JKD1) will

specifically introduce the new student to Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do. This

course is loaded with the basics in each of the areas of the kicking

range, boxing, trapping basics,position grappling techniques and


Understand the applications of footwork, body mechanics, blocks, covers,

and combinations. Coordination and evasive body movement. This

course will also cover basic Filipino Weaponry Solo Baston (single stick);

Double Baston (doublestick); Daga (knife).


Intermediate Jeet Kune Do and Attribute Development


Mon and Thurs 8-9:30 pm. Classes Starting Monday July 07, 2008.

Intermediate & Advanced Students : (Minimum 3-5 years training)

$175 per 4 week session. Space is limited, only 15 places remain for

qualified applicants. Contact us now, for more information at

info@scientificfighting.com or give us a call at 408-857-9205 to

schedule an interview.

Intermediate Jeet Kune Do and Attribute Development

(JKD2) introduces experienced students to the Art & Science of Jeet Kune

Do and the Filipino Martial Arts at a much faster pace. Emphasis will be

placed on improving week areas, footwork, line familiarization, &

development of sensitivity. In addition, adding an assortment of attacks,

hand defense, disarms, coordination drills, grappling counters, reversals,

and timing drills. A Strength and Conditioning Program will be suggested.

Monthly assessment of your training along with a diet program will be



“Training with Guro Harinder Sabharwal has been a great pleasure. In

today's martial arts landscape, it is rare to see tremendous aptitude

coupled with sincere humility. Guro Sabharwal demonstrates a wisdom

and seasoning far beyond his years. His open-mindedness in studying

many different fighting disciplines and ability in finding the beauty and

effectiveness in each style shows a true love of martial arts reminiscent

of the great masters. Guro Sabharwal's proficiency in flowing from

Western Boxing to Wing Chun to JKD to BJJ to Muy Thai is seamless

and inspiring. I would recommend Guro Sabharwal's system of martial

arts to practitioners of all levels.” Rocky Gomez

Rocky Gomez

- 2nd Degree Black Belt,

Tang Soo Do - Moo Duk Kwan

- 4th Degree Black Belt,

Tae Kwon Do

- Apprentice Instructor,

Paul Vunak's Progressive

Fighting Systems

"I have trained in various martial arts for over 15 years - and I can

honestly say that training with Harinder in the PFS system has been one

of the most educational and enlightening of my martial arts experiences.

PFS training has introduced me to a new dynamic mode of training that

has really helped to "push the envelope" in terms of both familiar and new

skillsets being tested under realistic (yet controlled) conditions.

I am ranked as a Shodan (1st-degree Black Belt) in Ken Ju Ryu Kenpo-

JuJitsu, and have also cross-trained in Hapkido, Aikido, Kuk Sul, and

Escrima. While I have trained under exceptional instructors, I have found

Harinder's teaching style, body of knowledge, and personality to be

among the best I've had the honor to learn from. His intensity without

ego or intimidation, coupled with an infectious passion for martial arts

inspires me to train harder to achieve more...

Few have the gifts of both being an excellent practitioner as well as an

excellent teacher -- Harinder excels at both. I would absolutely

recommend anyone, at any level, to come and train here: learn about

yourself, while you also learn to fight." - John Schroeder

John Schroeder

- 1st Degree Black Belt,

Ken Ju Ryu Kenpo- JuJitsu

- Cross trained: Hapkido,

Aikido, Kuk Sul, Escrima.

"Once again, I found myself completely immersed in the study of martial

arts today with Mr. Harinder Sabharwal. In 25 years of training in various

arts, Mr. Sabharwal is among a very select group of individuals who trains

not only his hands, feet, and mind, but with his entire soul. He passes this

along to those who study with him. Unlike many who have become more

interested in taking money from students, Mr. Sabharwal will one day

leave his mark on the martial arts community for being what the arts are

truly about - a code of honor, a sense of humbleness, and expressing


His ability to teach, mentor, and help people find their inner fire is second

to none. Train, train, train, and if given the opportunity, immerse yourself

in the study of the arts with Mr. Sabharwal.

Kwan Jang Nim Eric

M. Stieg

- Author, Fruit of the Spirit and

Martial Arts

- Black Belt, Hapkido and Tae

Kwon Do

- Head of CAMA Martial Arts


"Harinder, you are very good at what you do and I have been taught by

the best. I would be more than confident to refer you to any of my friends

in the fight game. You are good and so is the workout. I think this will

make the difference in my training to take me to the next level. Kettle bell

training is the shit it's for real and so is Harinder he is very versed in the

movement and the body mechanics that make it possible to teach this

great skill. I would refer him and kettle bell training to anyone

interested. " - Danny Kelly

Danny Kelly

- Owner and Head Trainer of

Main Street Kickboxing

- 5 time United States Muay

Thai Champion