“Adapt For Life” JKD Seminar for charity featuring Paul Vunak, Friday June 27th @ 630pm

Paul Vunak

You may not know much about Paul Vunak... but the US NAVY SEALS,

FBI, CIA ,Police Departments and SWAT teams do. He is without a

doubt one of the most respected and dangerous men in the world at

hand- to- hand combat, teaching it and using it.

Paul’s journey into the martial arts began at a young age. He studied

traditional arts such as Hung Gar gung fu, and received black belts in

the arts of Tae Kwon Do and Kenpo. It was after Paul’s Kenpo school

closed (where he was the head instructor at age 16) that Paul was

accepted at Dan Inosanto’s Kali Academy. It was love at first sight.

Paul immersed himself into his training and began to assist Dan during

demonstrations, seminars and training the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. Paul

also taught classes at the academy.

Paul proved to be an excellent teacher. He helped popularize the art of

Savate by opening the first Savate school in the US with Daniel Duby.

Paul’s emphasis on his own training focused on the violent

unpredictability of a streetfight and self preservation. Students with

similar interests gravitated towards Paul and his teaching methods. It

was with Dan Inosanto’s encouragement and blessing that Paul formed

Progressive Fighting Systems.

Paul’s method of having himself and his students “glove up” and “

discover the cause of your ignorance” may have been viewed as

extreme to some in the 80’s. One group who saw the benefit in these

methods was the United States Navy and Paul was presented a

contract to teach the legendary Navy SEAL Team Six.

Paul’s influence on the martial arts community, and the JKD community

in particular, cannot be overlooked. His training methods and strategies

for dealing with violent encounters are now taken for granted 20 years later. 

Paul studied with, and publicly endorsed, the Gracie’s and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

years before the first UFC.  Many of today’s more popular JKD instructors

have been personally trained by Paul Vunak and/or Progressive Fighting


Among Paul’s many accomplishments, he has received a key to the

city and had a day proclaimed in his honor in Indiana for the work he did

with law enforcement officers.  He accepted a request to be a guest

speaker at Governor Schwarzenegger’s Arnold Classic held in

Columbus, Ohio. He was also elected to the World Martial Arts Hall of


But Paul is most proud of his recent endeavors, Executive PFS and

Adapt for Life.

“Nothing can give you as much joy and gratification as seeing a child in

a wheelchair smiling and feeling empowered.” - Sifu Paul Vunak

Assault Proof Now!



Bay Area, CA

Sifu Paul Vunak on the

cover of Black Belt, April 08.