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Larry Hartsell & JKD Grappling

Reject what is useless; Research your own experience; Add what is

specifically your own” - Bruce Lee

Larry Hartsell took these words to heart when he began training

with Bruce Lee in 1967, and the grappling skills and techniques that are

at the core of the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association are the

by-product of this philosophy.

It is well known to the students of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do that Bruce

Lee broke combat down into the four ranges of Kicking, Boxing,

Trapping and Grappling . The serious students of Jeet Kune Do are

also aware that the development of the grappling range techniques in

this system were assigned to Larry Hartsell.  At the time of Bruce Lee's

untimely death there were only 33 formal techniques in the grappling

range. As the final and closest range there was much research to do

in this range and Hartsell has continued his research into this area with

various discrete techniques that now form the core of Jun Fan Jeet

Kune Do Grappling.

Larry Hartsell's skill in hand-to-hand combat, his weapons training

and his development of techniques in the grappling range led to a

wide and varied range of professional experiences. With his training

under Bruce Lee, his degree in criminology, his ten years of law

enforcement experience, and his training under Dan Inosanto. Hartsell

has been in wide demand as a professional bodyguard for celebrities

like Mr. T of the A-   Team fame, and as a trainer for both the Dallas

Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers . In addition to this he has

taught classes at his own schools as well as at the Inosanto Academy,

and has offered self defense and combat courses for the elite Navy

Seals and police officers through various colleges, agencies and elite

law enforcement training programs.

Hartsell is the man Dan Inosanto described as "One of the premier

Jeet Kune Do fighters of our time."

Sifu Larry Hartsell passed away on Aug 20, 2007.  Rest In Peace Sifu. 

Thank you Sifu for everything !  Your students greatly miss you.

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Sifu Paul Vunak on the

cover of Black Belt, April 08.