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Harinder Singh Sabharwal

Harinder Singh Sabharwal is a Senior Training Officer and the World Wide

Director of Operations for Progressive Fighting Systems, Inc. He is a Certified

Executive Instructor (C.E.I) and Senior Full Instructor of Jeet Kune Do

Concepts and Filipino Martial Arts under the Legendary Sifu Paul Vunak and

is the Head Instructor at the PFS Jeet Kune Do Academy in San Jose,

California. Harinder Sabharwal has trained members of the DEA, FBI, and

US Navy Seals.

Harinder was one a few select private students and an Apprentice

Instructor under Original Bruce Lee Student the Late Sifu Larry Hartsell. 

Sifu Larry is the only one Certified by Guru Dan as having a Senior Full

Instructor Rank in the Art and Science of Jun Fan Gung Fu.   

Harinder Sabharwal has trained for over 23 years in various martial arts. 

He started his training in Traditional Karate at the age of 7.  By the age

of 13 he was an assistant instructor, by 16 he was a head instructor and

Junior Champion at the Toronto Academy of Karate and Judo. Harinder

left the Academy to train privately under Sensei James Posey and

Master Yoshida and received his Ni- Dan.

Harinder is currently Studying towards Discipleship in Yang and Chen

Style Tai-Chi under Sifu Arnold Tayam.  For information on Tai-Chi and

Qi-Gong please visit www.longevity-center.com.

Harinder has also extensively studied Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Thai Boxing,

Jiu- Jitsu and Wing-Chun under World Class instructors such as Sifu Francis

Fong, Guru Dan Inosanto, Jean Jacques Machado, and Master Ajarn Chai.

Harinder has a degree in Computer Science &Engineering and is a

Strategic Marketing Manager for a top 5 fortune 500 Company. 

Harinder has focused his efforts on the applications of  Military Tactics

and Battlefield Strategy for Sales, Marketing & Engineering.  He has

studied exclusively under David Mok, a former Navy Top Gun and

Department Head aboard a Nuclear Submarine.  He has also Studied

under the great Sardar Mohinder Singh Kholi (National Defense

Academy of India) and Ustaad Swaran Singh Bali Gatka Walla(Shastre

Videa : Ancient Sikh Martial Art of Weapons).

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Bay Area, CA

Sifu Paul Vunak on the

cover of Black Belt, April 08.

Harinder Singh Sabharwal being presented with

300 year old sword by Ustaad Swaran Singh Bali

Shastre Videa Master.

Sifu Larry Hartsell & Harinder Singh

Sabharwal. RIP Sifu Larry, thanks for the


Harinder Singh Sabharwal with Shastre Videa

Masters in Jhalandar Punjab India.