“Adapt For Life” JKD Seminar for charity featuring Paul Vunak, Friday June 27th @ 630pm

Gears of War

The moves have been scientifically chosen to work 100% of the time in a

real street fight, where there are no rules.  As a result there are only a

hand full of moves.  Each move is unbelievably affective and can be

learned and mastered in a few hours.

You don't have to be quick, or coordinated oreven indecent physical

shape.  You don't need to train constantly to become a master.  All the

deadly power comes from extensions of the way your body naturally

moves. This is called your "gross motor skills" -- the same simple

movements you use to walk across the room, to scratch your ear, or to

step into a car.

Assault Proof Now!



Bay Area, CA

Sifu Paul Vunak on the

cover of Black Belt, April 08.